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Industrial Accidents

Factories and other industrial environments have long been recognised as dangerous places to work and unfortunately thousands of workers are still injured every year. Workers in many factories and industrial sites are exposed to high levels of dust and noise, dangerous chemicals and other harmful substances. Because of this they should always be provided with suitable, protective equipment and warned of the risks these chemicals and substances pose to their health.

Being exposed to chemicals and other substances such as asbestos can cause a wide range of diseases, some of which are very serious. All too often workers that are exposed to harmful substances do not realise that their health has been put at risk and will therefore be unaware of the damage that has been done until they become ill, which can be many years later.

What types of accidents can I claim for?

If you are told that you’re suffering from an industrial related disease or illness, you will need the best medical treatment available.

If you’ve had an accident at work in a factory or an industrial environment or have developed an industrial disease such as asthma, dermatitis, mesothelioma or asbestosis you may be able to make a personal injury claim, even if the company you worked for is no longer trading.

To get a quick estimation on the amount of compensation you could be entitled to, you might find it helpful to try our Compensation Calculator.

How to make a claim

Our specialist London based team of personal injury solicitors have helped a many clients successfully claim compensation for industrial related injuries and illness. Even if it has been many years since you worked in a factory we can still help you with a claim

Our caring team of personal injury lawyers have lots of experience with these types of cases and will be happy to have an initial confidential, no obligation discussion with you.

Our industrial accidents compensation specialists are part of our London based accident at work team. We have almost four decades of experience helping clients from around the UK with a wide variety of legal matters. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 250 6017

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