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Forced Labour & Slavery

The European Convention on Human Rights 1950, brought into English law by the Human Rights Act 1998, guarantees your most fundamental human rights, including the freedom from forced labour and slavery (contained in Article 4 ECHR). It states that no-one shall be held in slavery or servitude, and no-one shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.

If you are a victim of slavery or forced labour, contact our expert team of solicitors for a free and confidential assessment of your claim. Whether you are a victim of trafficking into the UK from elsewhere, or are a UK citizen and have been a victim of a breach of Article 4 ECHR, we can advise and assist you with your case.

Hodge Jones & Allen is one of the leading law firms in the UK specialising in this area (Chambers 2016). Our passionate and committed team of solicitors has vast experience in bringing and winning difficult, controversial and high profile cases, and we are dedicated to fighting on your behalf to protect your basic human rights.

How we can help you

We can represent you in a claim for compensation for the breach of your rights, and can advise you about holding public bodies to account if they did not take steps to protect you, or failed to investigate or prosecute individuals for breaches of Article 4. This might include the police, local authorities, social services and healthcare services.

Next steps

To find out more and to see if we can help you, please contact us on our free telephone number 0800 437 0080, or contact us via our website. All communications will be treated in confidence, even where you do not become our client. If we can take on your case, we will give you full details about costs, including advising you on the availability of legal aid and Conditional Fee or “no win, no fee? agreements.

If you might want us to investigate a claim, it is important that you do not delay and you contact us as soon as possible. The law requires that cases are started at court within specific timescales. Most civil claims for compensation (for a breach of human rights) must be issued at court within one year, but to make sure evidence is collected and the case is properly prepared, the sooner you contact us, the better. However, if you think you might be out of time, don’t let this stop you from calling us – we will advise you if this is a problem, and if we can take your case on, we will fight to get your claim heard.

Our forced labour and slavery specialists are part of our London based human rights team. We have four decades of experience helping clients from around the UK with a wide variety of legal matters. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 250 6017 today.

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